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Australia - Internship Program



Australia - General Information

Australia is home to so many natural wonders a place that could take years to explore and still you wouldn't beable to take it all in. With so many people from all over the world now calling our great land home, it is no wonder so many refer to Australia as 'The luckiest country in the world'. There is so much to see and so many opportunities to  make to most of. From its diverse landscapes, different cultures and breath taking scenery. It is definatley a stand out for travellers.

The largest and flattest continent in the world, is home to the largest coral reef the 'Great Barrier Reef' which is also the biggest tourist attraction. This isnt all Australia has to offer though. Australia has eight states including: Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland (Home of the Great Barrier Reef), Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. Each state is as different as the people that live there.

The Australian Capital Territory or the ACT as the locals know it is the home of Australia's capital city 'Canberra'. This is where our national government is located, and is the most inland of all the Australian States with no coastal border. It is also the smallest of all our states. The ACT is home to the best snow seasons in Australia, quite a cold state but with great snow fall during the winter months.

New South Wales is the most populated of Australias states. Sydney is the capital city of NSW. Some of Australias greatest attractions live in NSW such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and The Opera House. As well as being home to the biggest and best New Years Eve parties in Australia, visiting Sydney during New Years is an opportunity not to be missed with its specatacular fire works displayed which are televised though out Australia.

Queensland or the Sunshine State as it is also known, is the highlight of most peoples  Australian vacations. Home to the Great Barrier Reef on the North East side and all it has to offer. Visiting the Whitsunday Islands are a great way to have a close up  encounter with the reef. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and is such a spectacular city. South of Brisbane before the New South Wales border is the Gold Coast home to all the theme parks Queensland has to offer as well as some of the best beaches. A great place for a family vacation.

Victoria is the second most southernest state of Australia. To the north is great snow fields and mountain ranges, south west is some of the best surf beaches in Australia and home to The Great Ocean Road which is a drive every visitor to Australia must do. South East of  Victoria is the Yarra Valley and some of the best vinyards Australia has to offer. Smack bang in the middle of all this is the states capital Melbourne, a beautifull vibrant city full of culture, history and so much to do. A trip to Australia means a trip to Melbourne.

Tasmania is the coldest and most Southern state in Australia. It is an island south of Victoria. Don't let the weather discourage you Tasmania is an amazingly beautifull place to visit, with beautifull beaches, mountain ranges, old towns full of history and some great brewarys ready for tours and tastings. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania first settled in 1772 this town is full of History.

South Australia, home to the Great Australian Bite, Kangaroo Island, The Barossa Valley, it's capital city Adelaide and who couldn't forget Coober Pedy an opal mining town in the middle of the dessert where people live under the ground as it can be to hot most of the year to live in a home above ground. Certainly a place to visit for it's unique places and beautifull sights. South Australia has some of the best fishing in the whole of Australia, with Kangaroo Island offering some of the biggest crabs you can catch, the Murray River runs through South Australia home of the prestigous Murray Codd and the Southern Ocean.

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia also known as the Golden State as it was one of the largest areas hit during the Gold Mining rush. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia a beautifull town located on the edge of the Swan River. With some of the best  weather in Australia and some of the best beaches west and south of the state. Western Australia is home to some of the most diverse landscape in Australia, with forests, mountain ranges, coral reefs and dessert there is something here to suit everyone.

The Northern Territory is our most northern state. The home of Darwin (Capital City), Uluru and Alice Springs, Northern Territory is a beautifull and magical place to explore. Offering the most information on Indigenous Australians, there is so much to learn about their culture and history and their ways of  life. Visit the Crocodile Parks in Darwin or go swimming with the largest croc on offer (You will be safely in a cage of course) for those a bit more daring. Or you can try crocodile cuisine at many of the local Crocodile Farms.

There is so much to see in Australia, you will need a lifetime to explore it.

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